Hi all!

I am Kathi, the italian! I’m a grad student at MSU in Bozeman. Last field season was my first in Antarctica. Before that I was doing my masters in Innsbruck, Austria. The glaciers in Svalbard were my office. There, I was working on the bacterial community in the snowpack of Arctic glaciers.

After my first field season in the Dry Valleys, Antarctica, I transferred to the US and became a PhD student in John Priscu’s lab. Currently I am working on viruses in the permanently ice covered lakes of the Dry Valleys and hope to get a lot done this year on the ice!



I am David, the Spanish guy and postdoc researcher from UAM in Madrid, Spain. This is my 7th polar “expedition”, but the first time I get to go to the Dry Valleys,  which will be very different from what I have seen and experienced on the Antarctic Peninsula.

My background is on polar cyanobacterial mats and limnology mainly, but I have worked on very diverse projects- from viruses to meteorology. Last year I was awarded with the SCAR fellowship to join J. Priscu´s team to survey the ecology of the organisms living in some of the ice-covered Dry Valley lakes.

We´ll keep you updated with our icy-adventures. Have fun!



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